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SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Database management built for performance monitoring & tuning

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) provides deep visibility into database performance and advice for performance optimisation and tuning. Understand how every aspect of the system affects performance across relational database operations, host server and OS, virtualization resources and storage I/O.

Use Case Scenarios

View Important Metrics On One Screen

Database Performance Analyzer allows you to drill down into poor performing queries and view important metrics in one screen. Being able to see the number of executions, memory, and CPU consumed along with blocking allows you to identify and correct poor performing queries efficiently and reduces research time.

Resolve Database Issues
Quickly identify the root cause of database performance issues within a few mouse clicks with a user-friendly interface.

Cross IT Team Collaboration
Eliminate finger pointing and focus on resolving issues faster with Database Admins and VM Admins collaborating together.

Database Summary Dashboard

Database Storage Summary Dashboard

Identify Reccuring Issues In Real-Time

Database Performance Analyzer provides a holistic view of server infrastructure, so you can drill down into problem databases or queries. This helps identify problem queries before they can impact any other clients or the entire server. Daily reports and trend analysis then helps to maintain standards as the load increases.

Report On Performance
Quickly produce reports on database performance problems that are easy for business users to understand.

Performance In Context
Integrate with other SolarWinds modules to see performance in the context of VM, Storage and Application metrics.

Key Product Features

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer at a glance.

Intuitive Performance Analysis

Understand your performance picture at a glance and across key dimensions, including SQLs, Waits, Applications, Client Machines, Users, and more.

Blocking Analysis

Get help to understand your blocking hierarchy (who is blocking whom), as well as the overall impact to your performance caused by database blocking.

Index, & Query Tuning Advisors

Analyse actual SQL Server and Oracle® database performance to identify high-impact, inefficient T-SQL to find indexing and query optimisation opportunities.

Real-time & Historic Monitoring

Quickly understand why performance is or was bad with 24/7 monitoring, and get a handle on where performance is headed and how your system is trending.

Multi-vendor Database Support

Monitor SQL Server (including Microsoft® Azure SQL Databases), Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora, IBM® Db2, and ASE (on-premise, virtualized, or in the cloud).

Extended Your Visibility

Increase your application, server, storage, and infrastructure health visibility by integrating Database Performance Analyser with your other SolarWinds products.

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Prosperon Networks are the UK’s leading provider of SolarWinds IT management solutions and services. We have been an Authorised SolarWinds Partner for over 14 years, and all of our Engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCP). Over this time we have provided consulting, support, and training services to hundreds of SolarWinds customers across the UK and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your questions? Why don’t you give us a call and our helpful Account Managers will answer any question you have.

How is SolarWinds PDA licensed?

Database Performance Analyzer is licensed per monitored database instance, with specific license categories depending on which database(s) you want to monitor.

What databases does DPA supprt?

Database Performance Analyzer is agentless. It can monitor Oracle, SQL Server, MySQl, DB2, and SAP ASE running on-premise or in the cloud, with a single installation.

Can you help me with SolarWinds?

Our Professional Services team can help deploy SolarWinds according to best practices, Customise SolarWinds to your needs, and Integrate SolarWinds with your IT systems.

Is there any training available?

We offer a range of Training Courses to meet your individual requirements. All courses are led by experienced trainers and can be delivered on-site or at our training facility.

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