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SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Monitor your network utilisation & bandwidth in real-time

SolarWinds® NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) is a powerful NetFlow and bandwidth monitor that allows you to capture data from continuous streams of network traffic, and convert those raw numbers into easy-to-interpret charts and tables. Easily quantify how your network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose.

Use Case Scenarios

Simplify Bandwidth Monitoring

NetFlow analysis provides strong indicators to the current needs of your business and allows you to utilise available bandwidth in a more efficient and effective way. NetFlow analysis also ensures that key services have the bandwidth they require and help you avoid potentially expensive upgrades where the demand isn’t justified.

Improve Quality of Service
Understand how network resources are being utilised and determine where to apply resource to support QoS goals.

Deploy New Applications
Understand the impact of new applications on-premise or cloud on your network and increase resources accordingly.

NetFlow Applications Summary

NetFlow Endpoints Summary

Track Cloud Service Performance

When implementing cloud services, it’s important to have continuous network uptime. Any issues with the network or the speed of service can impact cloud applications and have an adverse business effect. SolarWinds identifies issues with network bottlenecks, bandwidth hogs, and unauthorised application usage.

Identify Vulnerabilities
Quickly detect potential security issues in your infrastructure, such as unauthorised protocols and application usage.

Minimise Performance Issues
Review historical performance data to identify where the network is being stretched thin and in need of upgrades.

Key Product Features

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer at a glance.

Bandwidth Utilisation Monitoring

Monitor Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, sFlow, Huawei® NetStream, and IPFIX flow data to identify applications and protocols consuming the most bandwidth.

Network Traffic Analysis

Analyse network traffic patterns over months, days, or minutes by drilling down into any network element, presented in an intuitive web-based interface.

CBQoS Policy Optimisation

Measure the effectiveness of pre and post-policy traffic levels per class, map to determine if Quality-of-Service (QoS) policies are working as planned.

Malicious Traffic Flow Identification

Increase security with visibility into malicious or malformed traffic with TCP/UDP monitoring of port 0 traffic to identify intrusive traffic.

WLC Traffic Monitoring

Monitor Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) traffic to easily keep tabs on applications and clients utilising bandwidth on your wireless network.

Customisable Network Traffic Reports

Create, schedule, and deliver in-depth network traffic analysis and bandwidth reports to identify peak bandwidth usage and historical data.

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Prosperon Networks are the UK’s leading provider of SolarWinds IT management solutions and services. We have been an Authorised SolarWinds Partner for over 14 years, and all of our Engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCP). Over this time we have provided consulting, support, and training services to hundreds of SolarWinds customers across the UK and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your questions? Why don’t you give us a call and our helpful Account Managers will answer any question you have.

How is SolarWinds NTA licensed?

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer requires an equivalent Network Performance Monitor license. So if you want an NTA SL250 license, you would also need an NPM SL250 installation.

What technologies are supported?

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer supports a number of Flow technologies, including: Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, Huawei NetSteam, and also supports IPFIX flow data.

Can you help me with SolarWinds?

Our Professional Services team can help deploy SolarWinds according to best practices, customise SolarWinds to your needs, and Integrate SolarWinds with your IT systems.

Is there any training available?

We offer a range of Training Courses to meet your individual requirements. All courses are led by experienced trainers and can be delivered on-site or at our training facility.

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