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NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAs)

Intent-Based Automation for Network Operations

NetBrain® Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAs) is the industry’s only intent-based hybrid network automation and visibility platform focused on automating network problem diagnosis at scale. NetBrain PDAs automates the most common and repetitive diagnostics tasks for all types of problems to reduce ticket duration and MTTR.

Use Case Scenarios

IT Service Management (ITSM) Automation

Automatically trigger network problem diagnosis upon ticket creation. A library of pre-built automations and infrastructure knowledge starts workflow automation, creating diagnostics and mapping for the operator. Using automation to address recurring types of problems reduces repetitive tasks to improve operational efficiency.

Minimise Downtime - Network Management (Product Benefit Icon) - Prosperon Networks

Significantly Reduce MTTR
Initiate automatic investigatory steps when a ticket is raised, reducing diagnostics time and accelerating recovery time.

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Maintain Network Compliance
Prevent up to 50% of abnormal network conditions that would otherwise lead to the creation of even more service tickets.

NetBrain PDAs Triggered Diagnosis

NetBrain PDAs Triggered Diagnosis

NetBrain PDAs Collaborative Troubleshooting

NetBrain PDAs Collaborative Troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting Automation

NetBrain PDAs enables IT teams to discover issues quickly, troubleshoot collaboratively, and capture subject matter problem-solving expertise as automation without code. Users can leverage the captured automation to resolve any reoccurrence of the same or similar problems, improving service availability and network uptime while reducing MTTR.
Troubleshooting - Network Management (Product Benefit Icon) - Prosperon Networks

Diagnose Problems Faster
Automatically map the problem area, executes tasks, and records the diagnosis before your technicians get involved.

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Make More Informed Decisions
NetBrain PDAs allows teams to work together in real-time, eliminating time-consuming hand-offs and escalations.

Key Product Features

NetBrain PDAs at a glance.

Discovery Engine

The intelligent auto-discovery engine inside gathers information using the command line interface, and then provides real-time, visualisation of your network.

Dynamic Network Mapping

Networks constantly change but most of the time your documentation remains stale. NetBrain’s dynamic maps will always stay up-to-date as your network changes.

Runbook Automation

Automated runbooks will perform a first level diagnosis, collect/analyse data then place it on a dynamic map for you to see in order to resolve the issue.

Rich API Framework

NetBrain PDAs isn’t replacing your existing toolsets. We bring 3rd-party data into the dynamic maps to assist in visualising and diagnosing events as they happen.

SDN & Traditional Networks

Get centralised, end-to-end views of your overall infrastructure by mapping physical and logical connections within SDN and legacy/traditional networks.

Enterprise-grade Scalability

NetBrain’s thin client user interface is supported by a highly scalable server architecture. NetBrain scales to manage tens of thousands of network devices.

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Use Cases

SolarWinds Integration

Prosperon Networks are a leading provider of IT management solutions and services. We are the first Authorised NetBrain Partner in the UK, and established ourpartnership in 2018. Our partnership enables us to help customers simplify network documentation, accelerate manual troubleshooting tasks, and help customers resolve IT issues fasting using powerful adaptive network automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your questions? Why don’t you give us a call and our helpful Account Managers will answer any question you have.

How is NetBrain licenced?

NetBrain PDAs is licenced by the number of devices (L3 & LAN switches, routers, firewalls, Load Balancers WAPs, & WAN optimisers), and the number of users accessing the application.

Do I still need a monitoring tool?

NetBrain PDAs is a diagnostic monitoring tool, used in conjuction with your traditional 24X7 monitoring tools. It should not be considered as a replacement tool for SolarWinds.

Can NetBrain use 3rd party data?

NetBrain PDAs has many built-in integrations out-of-the-box that provide performance statistics. You also have the ability to leverage the API to integrate with other tools.

What devices are supported?

NetBrain PDAs has an established ecosystem that supports hundreds of network hardware types, from over 150 vendors — with even more continuously being added.

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