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SolarWinds Customisation Services

Get exactly what you need from SolarWinds, with Prosperon’s best practice customisation services

SolarWinds Customisation Services (Video Slate) - Prosperon Networks

SolarWinds Customisation Services

Prosperon’s Customisation Services are designed to help tune SolarWinds® beyond default configurations. Moving past the defaults allows you harness the platform more efficiently, utilise advanced functionality, and better use SolarWinds to meet your needs.

Working with your team, our experienced engineers can configure many elements of SolarWinds. Alerts can be improved using best practice alerting enhancements. Dashboards and reports can be enhanced to incorporate custom data and metrics, and better visualise data for different stakeholder needs. Devices that are not monitored by default can also have data extracted using default protocols to meet your needs.

Get More From Your SolarWinds Platform

Go Beyond Default Configurations To Use SolarWinds As A Proactive Monitoring Tool

Every IT environment is unique, and monitoring demands evolve overtime. The default installation templates within SolarWinds only take you so far; you need to go beyond the defaults to meet your needs.

There are many areas that can be tuned within SolarWinds. Alerts can be improved so notifications go to the right people at the right time, and can even execute automatic workflow outputs. Dashboard displays and reports can be enhanced with custom metrics and data aligned to the requirements of your organisation. Custom pollers can be used to collect data from devices that are not obtainable using default protocols.

Enhance Dashboard View, Reports, Maps & Alerts

Meet your unique IT monitoring goals by customising SolarWinds dashboards, reports, alerts and maps to provide the exact information, presented as you require.

Resolve Data Gaps In Your SolarWinds Platform

Improve reporting accuracy, dashboard quality and speed up troubleshooting by resolving data gaps such as devices not monitored by default within SolarWinds.

Avoid costly Misconfigurations & Downtimes

Ensure configuration changes and platform upgrades are done correctly by experienced and certified SolarWinds Engineers, to avoid loss of monitoring operations.

Futureproof SolarWinds To Meet Growing Demands

Ensure that your SolarWinds platform has the required resources and is performing well enough to scale to meet new business requirements, and monitoring challenges.

Customise SolarWinds Reports To Get The Exact Visibility Your Organisation Needs

SolarWinds includes many Alerts, Reports, Views and Dashboards that you can use straight out of the box. However, many of these default templates are often limited, and not aligned to your exact requirements.

For many organisations, reporting is an area that requires specific customisation. Outside of the default templates you might require reports for specific sets of business stakeholders, or tailored to your environment, devices or even locations. As an example, Management roles might require a higher level of reporting overview to present analysis at board-level, and discuss trends that might require future investment.

SolarWinds Customisation Options

How can Prosperon help with your SolarWinds Customisations?

Optimisation - Professional Services (Service Feature Icon) - Prosperon Networks

Platform Optimisation

Go beyond default configurations to optimise the platform to provide the visibility and data metrics your organisation requires to effectively monitor your environment.

Performance Optomisation - Professional Services (Service Feature Icon) - Prosperon Networks

Performance Optimisation

Improve the performance of slow SolarWinds platforms. Retrieve data faster and speed-up page load times of the Orion Web Console; and scale to meet future demands.

Alerting Optimisation - Professional Services (Service Feature Icon) - Prosperon Networks

Alerting Optimisation

Reduce false positive alerts that distract you from urgent issues. Create alerts, based-on what is important for your organisation, with custom outputs to help resolve issues faster.

Dashboard Optimisation - Professional Services (Service Feature Icon) - Prosperon Networks

Dashboards Optimisation

Understand exactly what is going on within your environments with custom dashboards. Create specific dashboard to provide data metrics and information for specific users.

Reporting Optimisation - Professional Services (Service Feature Icon) - Prosperon Networks

Reporting Optimisation

Create custom reports for different stakeholders and SolarWinds users; that include specific data metics and information to meet thier reporting requirements.

Threshold - Professional Services (Service Feature Icon) - Prosperon Networks

Threshold Optimisation

Baseline your SolarWinds environment to identify true static and dynamic threshold levels. Understand what is normal and recognise issues that need to be addressed.

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Prosperon Networks are the UK’s leading provider of SolarWinds IT management solutions and services. We have been an Authorised SolarWinds Partner for over 14 years, and all of our Engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCP). Over this time we have provided consulting, support, and training services to hundreds of SolarWinds customers across the UK and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your questions? Why don’t you give us a call and our helpful Account Managers will answer any question you have.

Can you help identify areas where improvements can be made?

Yes, we can provide a full review of your platform and identify areas that require attention. This is normally done using our healthcheck service as a starting point.

Do you provide full documentation on projects undertaken for customers?

Yes, to maintain our high quality levels there are a number of documents we provide both pre and post engagement; so that you have full visibility of our work.

Will there be any SolarWinds outages, or loss of services while you work?

Not necessarily; many configuration changes do not affect performance or data. We will highlight this to you in advance of work being carried out.

Do you provide these services to other SolarWinds partners?

Yes, we have a dedicated channel team that work closely with SolarWinds partners/resellers, to meet the requirements of thier customers.

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