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Everbridge IT Alerting Management

Centrally manage all IT alerts & automate incident response

Everbridge® IT Alerting (ITA) simplifies alert management by providing a single platform to centrally manage all IT alerts. Everbridge enables organisations to respond to IT service outages faster using smart routing to automatically notify the best personnel to deal with an alert, through the best communication channels.

Use Case Scenarios

Reduce Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)

The time it takes to locate the right people responsible for IT issues is a major contributor to response times. Everbridge IT Alerting provides seamless one click connections that automatically locate resolvers and creates conference bridges to join. Your MTTR drastically reduces the faster your whole team can be engaged.

Understand Incident Better
Measure the impact that major and routine incidents have on your organisation and customer’s success.

Improve Team Collaboration
Communicate quickly and easily with team members to fix IT issues using one click to join smart conferencing.

Smart Alerting Channels

Smart Analytics Dashboard

Communicate Issues To All Stakeholders

Some issues such as internet service performance, or problems with a customer-facing website need to be communicated outside of IT. With Everbridge IT Alerting, you can make employees, investors, 3rd party suppliers and customers know of problems before they tell you using smart routing and mass alerting capabilities.

Manager IT Alerts Better
Consolidate alerts from all IT systems into one alerting pane-of-glass to better manage and resolve IT alerts faster.

Save Time & Resources
Save hundreds of man hours using auto generated ticket generation rather than a inefficient manual process.

Key Product Features

Everbridge IT Alerting Management at a glance.

Analytics & Dashboards

Interactive dashboards gives visibility and insights into incident response across all areas of IT; helping you manage SLAs, team capacity, and assess incident trends.

Routing Notifications

”Identify in real time the right teams and personnel based on who’s on-call, location, skillset, etc… and automatically escalate alerts when people don’t acknowledge.

Smart Communication Channels

Everbridge IT Alerting sends one-click invitation to join collaboration channels (Smart Conferencing and ChatOps Collaboration) within the alert notification.

Smart Orchestration

Define and deploy a business process, including orchestration, and integration to a specific endpoint application for change, problem, and incident management.

iPaaS Integration

The API connector offers an easy way to ingest alerts from a variety of third-party IT systems and tools. Events are then turned into incidents based on conditional logic.

On-Call Schedules

Everbridge IT Alerting helps you track who is on-call on each team, and alert the right people based on the type of incident, time of day, skill set required and location.

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Prosperon Networks are a leading provider of IT management solutions and services. We are the first Authorised Everbridge Partner in the UK, and established our partnership in 2018. Our partnership enables us to help customers simplify IT alert management, and help customers resolve IT issues faster using the powerful Everbridge IT Alerting platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your questions? Why don’t you give us a call and our helpful Account Managers will answer any question you have.

How is Everbridge ITA licensed?

ITA is licenced in two ways: Resolver licences – Ability to send, receive and respond to notifications. Or, Information Only Receipient – Ability to receive information notifications.

What integrations are available?

Everbridge IT Alerting integrates with a wide varity of third-party systems, including: ticketing, service desk, ITSM, event correlation, ITOM, and monitors tools such as SolarWinds®.

What notifications are availble?

As well as email notification, Everbridge ITA supports notifications through, mobile, phone, and SMS. Everbridge can also automatically escalate alerts if needed.

How do I trial Everbridge ITA?

We are happy to help set-up a small Proof-of-Concept (PoC) with you. Simply contact us so we can understand your requirements, and what you need to get from the PoC.

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