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SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion

Aggregate, search, & chart log data directly within SolarWinds

SolarWinds® Log Manager for Orion® (LMFO) is a powerful log management tool, designed to fully integrate with the Orion Platform. With real-time log collection, analysis, and visualisation, you can quickly and easily gain out-of-the-box visibility into the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure.

Use Case Scenarios

Quickly Get To The Related Log File

You can spend hours sifting through log data to diagnose network issues. Log Manager for Orion lets you quickly drill down and focus on the important log data that will help you identify and solve a particular problem. Filter by log type, level, node name, IP Address and more to instantly refine your dataset with just a few clicks.

Troubleshoot Faster
Analyse logs in real-time using a “live” mode, or look back historically using charts and drill down into the log data.

Organise Log Data
Use tags to better organise logs, weeding out the unimportant data and focusing on the logs you need to see.

Apply Tags Screenshot

Log Viewer Dashboard

Identify Log Types Using Tags

It can be difficult to identify important log entries if you’re receiving hundreds, if not thousands every day. Log Manager for Orion allows you to apply meaningful tags to important logs, to quickly identify those logs as soon as they appear. What’s more, you can even colour code those tags to make it even easier to draw your attention.

Search For Logs Faster
No need to be an expert in any query language, simply search for logs easily using keywords, IP Addresses or ID’s.

Works With SolarWinds Orion
View log information directly within Orion, alongside key metrics from network and systems performance.

Key Product Features

SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion at a glance.

Syslog & Trap Collection & Analysis

Gain insight into the performance of network devices by collecting, consolidating, and analysing Syslog and traps to perform root-cause analysis.

Real-time Log Stream

Traditional log collection and management tools generate reports in plain text or HTML. Log Manager for Orion displays logs in an interactive, real-time log stream.

Powerful Search & Filter

Rapidly identify performance and availability issues by executing searches using multiple search criteria, and apply filters to narrow results.

Event Log Tagging

Simplify log searching by easily applying (colour-coded) tags to your log data to aid with filtering, searching, and identifying performance issues.

Orion Platform Integration

Log Manager for Orion integrates your log and event data into the Orion platform, so you can view log data alongside network and systems performance.

Orion Alert Integration

Get customised alerts and delivery options including email notification, ServiceNow integration, and the triggering of an external scripts.

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Prosperon Networks are the UK’s leading provider of SolarWinds IT management solutions and services. We have been an Authorised SolarWinds Partner for over 14 years, and all of our Engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCP). Over this time we have provided consulting, support, and training services to hundreds of SolarWinds customers across the UK and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your questions? Why don’t you give us a call and our helpful Account Managers will answer any question you have.

How is SolarWinds LMFO Licensed?

There is no need for complex volume calculations. Log Manager for Orion is licensed based on the number of devices that are generating log data – regardless of volume.

Where is my log data stored?

Data is stored in the SolarWinds Log Manager SQL database for seven days by default; however, you can easily configure this within the settings to keep data as long as you want.

Can you help me with SolarWinds?

Our Professional Services team can help Deploy SolarWinds according to best practices, Customise SolarWinds to your needs, and Integrate SolarWinds with your IT systems.

Is there any training available?

We offer a range of Training Courses to meet your individual requirements. All courses are led by experienced trainers and can be delivered on-site or at our training facility.

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