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The Next Level in Network Performance Monitoring

by 27, Dec, 2016Blog Posts, Network Management, Useful Information

Network monitoring solutions and performance monitoring are a fundamental part of today’s IT department’s life.  As information technology evolves, different types of applications are introduced into the way we do business every day. Apps like online webcasts,  streaming media, VoIP, as well as bringing added value to the corporation, produce lots of traffic and bring huge burden to the IT infrastructure. Nowadays there are many vendors out there offering multiple performance management choices, most of these are SNMP-based that  collect and analyse data from the devices to be displayed later on a dashboard.

These solutions do a great job within your network, but when the problem is outside your network, you are blind. Furthermore the SNMP protocol is designed to retrieve information about device health, but it does not provide KPI’s like bandwidth, latency, jitter, retransmission. In addition to that calculate the resources needed to put one of these solutions in place, even if you chose one of the ones claiming to be “easy to deploy”. Do not get me wrong, they are easy-to –deploy, but compared to traditional scenarios…

This is where the guys from AppNeta change the game, completely.

Path View Cloud is an NPM tool that leverages a zero administration, cloud-based service to meet the performance demands of your network infrastructure and applications such as VoIP, Video, Virtualization and IP Storage. And it does all of this from any location to any IP addressable target in the world…yes, I said ANY. True End to end network paths visibility, even if you are using 3rd party ISP’s networks to get there!

PathView measures jitter, latency and bandwidth with hop-by hop analysis and diagnosis capability within and outside your network. I know what you are thinking: “Sounds good, but it is not enough, sure there is some effort behind”…well, again, PathView breaks the rules. As a Cloud hosted service there is no need for software installation, no resources required for upgrading and deployment. Just connect one of PathView micro appliances to a free network port and you will be up and running in minutes. Anytime, anywhere uncompromised access to performance data via any device; plus centralised management & cost-effective, on-demand scalability.

This is all going to aid your performance monitoring, so run into your boss and tell him the idea was yours. We can always share some of the success of your promotion…

AppNeta PathView M30 Appliance

Thanks for reading!

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Jesus Mingarro

Jesus Mingarro

Sales Manager

Jesus Mingarro is the Sales Manager at Prosperon Networks. Jesus specialises in adding value to SolarWinds customers by helping them maximise and better utilise their SolarWinds solutions.

Training Course: SolarWinds Training Courses

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