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Exported Alert – Change Custom Property Site Based on IP Address

by 31, Oct, 2017Alerting & Custom Alerts, Blog Bites, Network Management

Here at Prosperon Networks we strive to make using SolarWinds® as easy and intuitive as possible. By automating repetitive tasks such as assigning custom properties this is just one of the ways we can improve the SolarWinds experience.

A lot of customers that we work with have one or many custom property entries for storing the geo/physical location of the device which they fill in when they are adding the node. Maintaining up to date values in custom properties is paramount, therefore automating the population helps significantly with keeping the data relevant whilst removing the time burden of manual population.

Here we are using the alert engine which will trigger when the *Site is empty and based on the subnet of the device it will update the custom property with the correct location.

*To import this alert you will need to have a node custom property called ‘Site’ created in your environment.

Settings to note:

In the screenshot above we have set the evaluation frequency of the alert to 1 hour. This is sufficient for most environments but can be altered according to specific needs. The Severity of the alert has been set to Notice.

The Severity of the alert has been set to Notice.

We are looking at the IP address field in the trigger condition to identify what Site should be assigned. Update the IP address(es) as appropriate for your environment. Feel free to add more subnets as needed or if you have only one subnet for a location then delete the second entry.
Remember to update the custom property value in the Change Custom Property trigger action to reflect the name of the site! Once your alert is created and active, you can duplicate the alert for all other sites in your environment. Of course, if you want more intelligence, you can always use the API and synchronise your data, but that is for another blog!

Custom Alert: Change Custom Property Site Based On IP Address

Raul Gonzalez

Raul Gonzalez

Technical Manager

Raul Gonzalez is the Technical Manager at Prosperon Networks. As a Senior SolarWinds and NetBrain Engineer for over seven years, Raul has helped hundreds of customers meet their IT monitoring needs with SolarWinds and NetBrain Solutions.

Custom Alert: Change Custom Property Site Based On IP Address

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