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webinar: Event Triggered Network Diagnosis with SolarWinds & NetBrain

How to Accelerate Network Troubleshooting using Powerful Dynamic Maps & Executable Runbooks

Event Triggered Network Diagnosis with SolarWinds & NetBrain (Video Slate) - Prosperon Networks

Automating Network Troubleshooting

In this FREE Webinar on Thursday 8th July, you will discover how to resolve network issues faster using network automation by integrating SolarWinds® with the NetBrain®.

Learn how to visualise your network and simplify documentation with dynamic maps that provide critical IT data, contextualised to the task at hand. Discover how to accelerate troubleshooting using runbooks to automate vital diagnostics steps at the time an issue occurs; and how to easily streamline critical IT tasks using workflow integrations with your existing ticketing and monitoring solutions. A Senior Engineer will provide live demonstrations and will host an interactive Q&A session.

What You Will Learn

Create On-demand Dynamic Maps Of Your Network

Go beyond static diagrams with real-time mapping that provides end-to-end visibility and one-click drill down into infinite detail.

Automate Network Troubleshooting Diagnostics Steps

Easily identify the root cause of network issues by automating repetitive data collection and analysis tasks in real-time.

Leverage Powerful Network Workflow Integrations

Enhance workflows by integrating SolarWinds and ticketing solutions to trigger data collection, analysis and visualisation.

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As a Snr. Pre-Sales Engineer at NetBrain, David works closely with customers to evangelise the benefits of NetBrain and network automation, and supports customers throughout their evaluation of NetBrain.

David Spence

Snr. Pre-Sales Engineer, NetBrain

Mark Roberts is the Technical Director at Prosperon Networks and a SolarWinds MVP. Mark has been helping customers meet their monitoring needs with SolarWinds IT Management Solutions for over 14 years.

Mark Roberts

Technical Director, Prosperon Networks

As an Account manager at Prosperon Networks, Mick spends his time helping customers to optimise their IT Management capabilities, as well as keeping them up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Mick Po

Account Manager, Prosperon Networks

Time & Date

Thursday, 8th July 2021

11:00 am to 12:00 pm BST

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Who Should Attend

Network Administrators

Interested in learning how to simplify network troubleshooting using NetBrain to collect and analyse critical data automatically through runbooks/automated workflows; and/or want to evaluate the benefits of integrating NetBrain with SolarWinds and other monitoring and ticketing tools.

Infrastructure Managers

Interested in learning about the capabilities of NetBrain and the benefits of integrating NetBrain into existing IT systems and tools, to provide complete network visibility and automation capabilities for any IT workflow.

IT Directors/Managers

Interested in learning how NetBrain’s powerful automation capabilities can minimise costly downtimes, reduce network security and compliance risks; and help to increase staff productivity by centralising collaboration and troubleshooting.

Prosperon & SolarWinds Full Colour (Partnership Logos) - Prosperon Networks

Prosperon Networks are a leading provider of IT management solutions and services. We are the first Authorised NetBrain Partner in the UK, and established ourpartnership in 2018. Our partnership enables us to help customers simplify network documentation, accelerate manual troubleshooting tasks, and help customers resolve IT issues fasting using powerful adaptive network automation.

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