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Work Experience Testimonials – Stories from 2023

by 6, Feb, 2024Life At Prosperon

For over a decade, Prosperon has been hosting work experience placements for young people in our community; providing valuable experience of a real-life work environment, and sharing insights on how to begin a successful career.

This summer we provided placements for 6 pupils from local secondary schools in Worthing. The pupils met work with colleagues from our Sales, Customer Services, Marketing, Project Management, HR, Business Support, Finance, IT Support and Technical departments as well as learning about interview techniques, CV writing, research skills and the use of office software. Here are some testimonials from the pupils about their time with Prosperon.

St Oscar Romero

Hi my name is Rebecca, and I have spent this week doing work experience at Prosperon. Work experience is what we do as part of our school curriculum in year 10 to get the chance to go out and learn about a particular job. 
During this week I have spoken with many people from different departments. As part of this I learnt what their roles are and what they do day to day. I had a session with Sam on Business Development where we learnt about bringing in new business and why it’s important for company growth. 
I also had a session with Kunal about what he does as a Finance Assistant and how he helps with cash flow to make sure that bills can be paid on time. 
The last session of the week was with Elise who does Marketing. She showed me how she helps organise the events Prosperon has attended and how to advertise the company which helps bring in new customers. The session I personally enjoyed was Elise as I am interested in organising events and it really helped me understand how to get there.

Davison High School

Hello! My name is Keisha, and I was given the amazing opportunity to spend my Year 10 work experience week here at Prosperon, an IT monitoring and management company.

Anna Bosworth, the HR manager and main curator of the activities this week, put a lot of effort into making sure work experience for all the pupils that came here recently had an engaging and interesting time there.

For example, on my timetable there was a good mix of research activities and meetings with staff from the different departments at Prosperon. The meetings, though out of my comfort zone, were the best part of the week in my opinion. I met so many lovely people, including Mark, the Technical Director; Chloe, the Professional Services Project Manager; Ian, the Technical Team Manager; and Aaron, in customer services and the license renewals team. Every person I spoke to explained their role extremely well, and gave lots of good advice on my career and further education.

By being here I have gained loads of new skills and knowledge that I can apply in many places, in the near and far future. I’m so grateful that I was able to come here, and I really do recommend coming to Prosperon for work experience!


Worthing High School

My name is Beatriz and I have completed a work experience placement of a day with Prosperon, in Worthing. The company specialises in IT managements and solutions, having SolarWinds synergy and NetBrain as Prosperon partners. During my placement I met Anna, the HR Manager, Emma, of the Customer Service team, Taylor, of the IT support team and Kunal, of the Finance team. 

I loved having a conversation with them about the work that they do at Prosperon, but for me the most interesting one was with Kunal, about Finance, because when I go to college the main thing I want to do is business. Hearing about some one that already graduated talking the amount of opportunities in business was interesting. For me, it was really important having this work experience at Prosperon, because it will open doors for me in the future after knowing how a job in a company works. 

Worthing High School

My name is Gloria and I have completed a work experience placement with Prosperon in Worthing.

Their passion is to help solve the biggest monitoring & IT management challenges and the company specialises in deployment, integration, customisations, training and technical support. Prosperon strives for longevity in customer partnerships, with the end goal of maximising their return on investment as quickly as possible. During my placement, I met with Anna Bosworth, HR Manager, Emma from the Customer Services team, Taylor from the IT support team and Kunal from the Finance team. I learned about managing finances, tips on being a good sales person and cases that Prosperon have had to look at and how to respond to them effectively.

Overall, I have found my time here at Prosperon exciting and insightful into the business/IT industry, I was really interested in our talks about having to build good rapport with the people you are attempting to sell to so as to make them want to keep coming back etc. Although I don’t particularly want to go into the business industry myself, I still feel as though I’ve gained knowledge that’ll be transferable for what I’d like to pursue in my future and I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to be here today! 

Anna Bosworth

Anna Bosworth

HR Manager

Anna is the HR Manager here at Prosperon Networks. Anna’s role involves ensuring all of our people are feeling and performing their best and focuses on employee engagement (rewards, benefits and record keeping), employee retention and recruitment.

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