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Webinar: Level up your Service Management: AI & Automation with SolarWinds ITSM

How SolarWinds cloud-based and AI-powered IT service management (ITSM) platform can maximise productivity and accelerate resolution with lightning-fast time to value

Level up your Service Management: AI & Automation with SolarWinds ITSM

In this webinar on Thursday 7th September, you will discover how SolarWinds® ITSM can bridge communication gaps and shorten resolution times by bringing together the right components – people, processes, and information – into one shared workspace for collaborative problem-solving. 

Learn how SolarWinds Service Desk can improve collaboration through its ChatOps integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing end users to request and receive support from within the chat platform of their choice at no additional investment or cost for organisations.

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Native incident resolution features

Learn how integrating simple, yet vital, capabilities into a service desk platform can reduce time to resolution.

Service Desk Automation

Understand how the right ChatOps tool allows more control over building complex automation workflows to trigger at specific thresholds, like when network performance dips below SLA.

Live demonstration & Q&A session

SolarWinds Solutions Architect (ITSM) – Sean Sebring, demonstrates Virtual Agent Premier, Runbooks and AI ChatOps.

How ChatOps integration brings people, processes, and problem-solving together

Learn how ChatOps can bridge communication gaps and shorten resolution times.

As the Sales Manager at Prosperon, Mon is passionate about helping customers overcome their operational challenges and achieve success and satisfaction with the products and services that Prosperon provides. Mon is also an advocate of ITIL. Prior to joining Prosperon in 2018, he spent more than 12 years in the IT Service Management industry in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and the UK.
Mon Dulay

Sales Manager, Prosperon Networks

Some people call him Mr. ITIL – actually, nobody calls him that – But everyone who works with Sean knows how crazy he is about ITIL and the wonderful world of IT service management best practices! With a background in IT support, project management, and process improvement, Sean’s passions are observing, dissecting, building, and growing the service management processes and practices of anyone who will lend him their ear.
Sean Sebring

Solutions Architect, ITSM, SolarWinds

Time & Date

Thursday, 7th September 2023

14:00 to 15:00 BST

Who Should Attend
Service Desk Managers & Analysts
Interested in exploring how the SolarWinds’ ITSM tool can improve daily operations of the service desk, managing the service desk team, representing the team to other stakeholders, and helping to ensure that the service desk is constantly developing and achieving lightning-fast time to value?
IT Managers
Interested in learning about the benefits of better utilising SolarWinds as a single-pane-of-glass, consolidating IT monitoring tooling, and understand how SolarWinds can further improve reporting and reduce costly downtimes?
Support Technicians
Interested in finding out how the SolarWinds ITSM can improve the experience of the support desk, from ticket automation, asset manangement, service portals, change management and beyond?
Prosperon Networks are the UK’s leading provider of SolarWinds IT management solutions and services. We have been an Authorised SolarWinds Partner for over 14 years, and all of our Engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCP). Over this time we have provided consulting, support, and training services to hundreds of SolarWinds customers across the UK and Europe.
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