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Life at Prosperon: A Day in the Life – Technical Apprentice

by 3, Jan, 2023Life At Prosperon, Uncategorized

Hi my name is Taylor, I am the technical apprentice here at Prosperon. I have been with Prosperon for over a year now and can say that I have enjoyed every step of the journey.

Typically, a day for me includes fault finding for internal and external support requests, taking part in workplace projects and striving to bring new ideas and strategies to improve our efficiency. This is partnered with a lot of time for developing and learning new skills.

The work ethic from each and every member of our team is extremely motivating. All members take an altruistic approach to their peers, providing them with opportunities, training identified knowledge gaps and general behavioural uplift if someone feels lost.

I think the biggest benefit you can get from working at Prosperon are the opportunities to learn new skills and boost your personal development. It’s nice having a small team as this brings flexibility to the role.

When my friends and family ask me how works going, it’s an empowering feeling to be solely positive and confidently say “I LOVE my job”.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like to know a bit more about the Prosperon experience.

Taylor Crowley

Taylor Crowley

Technical Apprentice

Taylor Crowley is the Technical Apprentice at Prosperon Networks. As a Technical Apprentice, Taylor helps with internal support whilst also learning from our team of engineers all about SolarWinds.

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