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A Day in the Life – Senior SolarWinds Engineer

by 17, Jul, 2023Life At Prosperon

Hi, I’m Chris and I’m a Senior SolarWinds Engineer at Prosperon Networks. I have just completed my first year here, and I can honestly say this has been the best role I have taken on.

A typical day for me includes organising my day, completing projects with our customers, helping my colleagues with queries and building up my knowledge along the way. We’re an energetic, fast-paced team and there are always opportunities for development and growth in new areas. During my first year, Prosperon helped me present at the SolarWinds User Group, take and pass 4 SCP Exams and had blogs posted on this very site!

One of the benefits of working at Prosperon is being able to own your development, for this to be followed through with actions being completed allowing for you to be as successful as you believe you can be.

It’s an approachable, friendly team; we have team-building days, social events and gaming nights so we can maintain the social side of our team as many of us choose and love to work remotely.

If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to work at Prosperon, you can connect with me on LinkedIn or as Thwack MVP you can find me on the Thwack Forum.

Chris Dodds

Chris Dodds

Senior SolarWinds Engineer

Chris Dodds is a Senior SolarWinds Engineer at Prosperon Networks, and a SolarWinds THWACK MVP. As a SolarWinds Engineer, Chris helps customers meet their IT monitoring requirements with SolarWinds.

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