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Life at Prosperon: A Day in the Life – Account Manager

by 6, Feb, 2023Life At Prosperon

Hello everyone; my name is Mick Po.  I joined Prosperon Networks in 2017 and have been an Account Manager at Prosperon Networks working with our customers and partners for six years!

A typical day for me involves engaging with our customers to understand their goals, vision and objectives and discussing projects and business requirements to ensure their investments into technology deliver value to their organization.  I work with customers using our partner solutions to support their operations at home and worldwide, so every day is exciting and varied.  One minute I could be working with a global retailer, and the next, a local authority or health service, all with the same goal: to improve how they manage their networks, applications and databases.  The variety of solutions and services we provide enables me to continuously work with all of our customers and develop a relationship with them as a trusted partner.

As an Account Manager, I am always busy with activities, presentations, proposals and engaging with our customers, so there is never a dull day.  My role has its ups and downs, so keeping motivated and hungry to succeed is essential.  I am always engaged with our internal team, assisting customer services, working with our engineers and project management team, and talking to finance and support.  Regular sales meetings and catch-ups with my manager enable me to voice any frustrations and focus on helping our customers achieve their challenges and objectives.  The company likes to keep us motivated and be the best version of ourselves, overachieving where possible and performing to the best of our abilities. 

We are also very fortunate to have a fantastic management team who are supportive and understanding, ensuring every employee feels valued and part of the team.

To anyone looking for a new role and company that can support your growth and well-being, I recommend you submit your CV and who knows, we could be working together!

Mick Po

Mick Po

Account Manager

As an Account manager at Prosperon Networks, Mick spends his time helping customers to optimise their IT Management capabilities, as well as keeping them up-to-date with the latest technologies.

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