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How To Align Your SolarWinds Maintenance Renewal Dates

by 18, Jan, 2022Professional Services, Q&A Sessions, Useful Information

Day to day, we speak to customers who see multiple SolarWinds® renewal reminders a year. Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon, and you’re not alone. We have created this article to help customers that would like to align all of their SolarWinds license renewals dates.

Why Do You Have More Than One SolarWinds Renewal Date?

Every time you purchase a new SolarWinds license, your support starts on the day the purchase is completed and goes for 12 months*. As a result, a renewal date is set for you, and with that, more notifications/renewals to handle.

(*) otherwise, a different expiry date has been agreed in advance at the time of the purchase

Occasionally, these reminders are overlooked or ignored by the customer (due to the amount of noise they generate or other business priorities), leading to confusion or frustration or, even worse, letting licenses out of support that was not meant to lapse. Customers who increase their platform’s visibility by adding new modules sometimes forget to ask a simple question.

Could New Licenses Expire On The Same Date As Existing?

Yes, is the answer. When purchasing a brand new license, customers have the opportunity (for a small cost to the new license) to align the renewal date of the new license purchased to that of the renewal date of existing licences owned.

What About Existing Licenses? Can These Be Co-Termed?

If you already own multiple licenses and want to align the renewal date, this can be done during the renewal period, which starts 90 days before the expiry date. This process is commonly known as co-terming. Co-terming enables you to select a single date for your SolarWinds renewal, regardless of the date of each purchase. This is a very common request by our customers and something we can help with.

How To Co-Term Existing SolarWinds Licenses

  • First, it requires at least one of the licenses to be within the renewal window.
  • Second, choose what new renewal date you would like to have. It can be either a new date or one of the current dates.
  • Third, you will receive pro-rated pricing based on the current and new renewal dates. The Co-term period is usually set up to the next available co-term date, 365 days from the furthest maintenance renewal date of the products selected.
  • Fourth and finally, proceed with your renewal based on your new dates.

Once the co-term renewal is completed, you will have all your licenses expiring on the chosen date in the following years, simplifying the renewal process!

We recommend that you renew your product maintenance before the expiration date to ensure that you continue to have access to product updates, technical support and much.

If you need help with your upcoming renewal, we will be delighted to assist. Do not hesitate to reach us at:, or

Service: SolarWinds Renewal Services

Carol Sanchez

Carol Sanchez

Customer Services Manager

Carol Sanchez is the Customer Services Manager at Prosperon Networks. Carol has years of experience working with SolarWinds customers, helping them to renewal their software licenses whilst maximising their investment in SolarWinds.

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