IT Management Solutions


The knowledge share training we provide can be highly customised to suit your needs. The structured courses we provide are very in depth and cover a number of products but it might be that you only need us to cover a smaller selection of products. When SolarWinds users call us about training it’s important that we provide the right course for their requirements so we will talk to about this and provide the right tailored course to you.

Often we get asked to provide training to different user groups, here are some of the examples:

Management Roles

Most managers need to know how to navigate the Orion platform and be aware of its overall coverage but without the intricate detail of the administrator of that particular solution.Typically these user types need to know how to:

Mgmt Views

  • Understand Account types and limitations
  • Easily and quickly create/modify Orion reports
  • Customise their views
  • Create specific dashboard views for important KPI’s
  • Use of Groups
  • Overview of Alerting
  • Report Scheduling


Help Desk/NOC Engineer Roles

Those that will use the SolarWinds platform only in a 1st line support role have different training requirements and we are often asked to ensure these roles have training sessions on the areas required. For these roles we would look to include:

  • Navigation of Orion interfaceNOC Views
  • Node Details View
  • Understanding of Alerting mechanism’s
  • Basic Grouping and Dependencies overview
  • Overview of Reports