IT Management Solutions

Website & infrastructure performance in a single pane of glass

Web application up-time is a must-have in your organization. Whether your applications are accessed inside or outside the firewall, your business depends on them being up, available, and performing optimally. Watch this short video and learn how WPM allows you to constantly monitor availability and response time from one location or locations around the globe. Find problems before your users do!

  • API/Web Service/SaaS user experience testing from multiple locations
  • Monitor any Web or cloud-based application whether internal
  • Securely monitor internal web-based applications (CRM, Intranet, etc.) - no agents needed!

Web Performance Monitor at a Glance

  • Continuously monitors user experience using synthetic transaction
  • Delivers at-a-glance transaction insight including duration and success
  • Provides a breakdown of each page resource (each image, script, css)
  • Alerts you when a transaction fails to complete or returns unexpected results
  • Monitor transactions on internal apps, customer-facing apps, and cloud-based apps tests