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NetFort LANGuardian brings additional troubleshooting capability to your SolarWinds environment by providing instant access to packet level data, directly from SolarWinds NPM and SAM dashboards. LANGuardian is an ideal solution if you need that extra level of visibility provided by deep-packet inspection at critical points in your network.

LANGuardian is the one and only solution that integrates with SolarWinds products to provide root cause information about network and user activity that:

  • Shows actual user and application names rather than IP addresses and port numbers
  • Provides 100% accuracy with clickable graphics
  • Works on any network of any size
  • Provides total visibility into usage of key resources by both external and internal users of the network

Zero impact on your SolarWinds installation
LANGuardian is completely independent of the SolarWinds installation and has zero impact on it in terms of performance, security or data storage