IT Management Solutions

Application-Aware Network Performance Management and Cisco QoS Control

LiveAction provides smart and effective solutions to today’s real IT challenges, specifically in the area of application performance. Leveraging Cisco advanced technologies such as QoS, NetFlow, FnF, NBAR2, AVC, Medianet, PfR, IP SLA, Routing, and LAN Switching, LiveAction quickly resolves business critical performance issues in your WAN, SaaS and cloud application, MPLS or DMVPN links, converged wired and wireless connections, and video, VoIP, and BYOD devices.

Why Advanced Training?

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Key features of the LiveAction include:

  • “Satellite” view of end-to-end flows through a single-pane-of-glass
  • Zoom-in view of traffic and applications down to end-devices and network queues
  • Accurate pin-point diagnosis through diagrams, dashboards, alerts, reports and tables
  • Fast troubleshooting of the most difficult and persistent performance issues
  • Stress-free deployment, configuration and monitoring of Cisco advanced technologies

NPM Video Overview

NetPath SneakPeek