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Are You Still Creating Static Network Diagrams?

In my day-to-day Business Development role at Prosperon Networks, I speak to many different IT specialists who spend their day working on the network of their organisation. One common theme that I’ve encountered, that has led me to write this article, is that the vast majority of these IT specialists I speak to, tell me that they don’t have anything in place to help assist with documenting their network. It is a very manual process, and other than the occasional use of Visio to offer some assistance, the majority of people I speak to are documenting their entire network by hand.

Exported Report - Custom Disk Capacity Forecast

For the third (and final) blog of our SolarWinds Orion Capacity Forecast series, we are going to cover how to modify the trend calculation to make it more accurate to the real world. If you are interested in custom forecasting in Orion, please look back at the first two blog posts in this series, which cover Port Capacity Planning and Application Performance Capacity Forecasting.

Exported Report - Port Capacity Planning

When we think about the main features that SolarWinds users get with their Orion platform, capacity planning is not one of the first of the features that come up to mind, however, I personally consider capacity planning one of the best features available in SolarWinds.

Q&A Session: An Introduction To NetBrain

Here at Prosperon Networks, we are all very excited about our recent partnership with NetBrain, and even more excited about showing NetBrain to our customers! In the first of a series of Q&A session on NetBrain and Adaptive Network Automation, Dax Attwood gives us a high-level introduction to NetBrain.